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Client Testimonials

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SERVICES & SUPPORT - How Can We Help You?


  • Transparency Initiatives
  • Build Transformational Leadership/Shared Power through a Participative Team
  • Design an Environment for Professionalism for Registered Nurses:
    • Modified Shared Governance
    • Staff Nurse Council
    • Exempt Status
    • National Certification
    • Research
    • Community Outreach
    • Nurse Practitioner Credentialing
    • Patient Care Rounds
    • The Organizational Huddle™
    • Continuing Education Programs/Clinical Oversight (Licensed in NY, NJ, MA and NV)
  • American Nurses Association Magnet Recognition Program ® Preparation
    • Readiness Assessment/Scoring Self-Assessment
    • Design and Implementation of Strategies to Strengthen Application
    • Crosswalk of the Magnet Recognition Program® and The Joint Commission
    • Mock Surveys
    • Reader and/or Editor of Document
    • Motivational Kick-Off Presentation
    • Education of Staff (Train the Trainer Concept)
  • Education, Support and Coaching for Middle Management
    • Business Plans and Financial Management
    • Coaching
    • Leadership
    • Team Building Strategies
    • Staffing/Budget
    • PI Teams
    • Balanced Score Card
    • The Organizational Huddle™
    • Productivity
    • Communication
    • Political Arena
    • Patient Advocate Program
    • Case Management
    • Patient Rounds
  • Measurement
    • Virtual Balanced Score Card (Staffing vs. Nurse Sensitive Indicators, Patient/Staff Satisfaction)
    • Productivity
    • Data Analysis
    • Chart Review


  • Staffing Firm Joint Commission Certification
  • The Joint Commission (TJC) Preparation for:
    • Hospitals
    • Independent Health Care Staffing Firms Preparation
  • TJC Services Provided by MHS:
    • TJC Mock Surveys
    • Implementation of All Standards
    • Tracers as a Management Tool: Business, Patient and System
    • Staff Preparation
    • Design and Implementation of Strategies for Improvement
    • Pain Management Programs
    • National Patient Safety Goals and Standard Implementation
    • SBAR Communication
    • Rapid Response Teams
    • Handover


  • Professional Redesign
    • The Right Professional/Employee
    • The Right Job/Task
    • The Right Time
  • Assessment of Management Structure
  • Assessment of Perioperative Services
    • Improve turnover time in OR
    • Improve Nursing Unit and OR Communication
    • Assess Staffing Patterns
  • Design a Physician Friendly Organization to Recruit and Retain Physicians
    • Efficient Rounds
    • Case Manager Support
    • Phones for RN’s
    • Advanced Nurse Practitioner Support


  • Assess Insurance Denials
  • Implement or Outsource Accounts Receivables/Solutions


  • Marketing business analysis for Temporary Staffing firms
  • Pediatric Health Care Newsletters and Books for Kids
  • Create a Marketing and Public Relations Plan, Develop and Design Collateral Materials
  • Nurse Expert Consultation
  • Financial Management Within Healthcare Organizations/Physician Offices
  • Improve Case Management Chart Review


  • Transformational Leadership/Technology/Profitability Strategies
  • Virtual Nursing Report Card: From A Cocktail Napkin Concept to Reality
  • Financial Management: Integrating Financial and Operational Planning for Non-Financial Managers
  • Primary Care Parish Nursing
  • The Joint Commission Process
  • Sample Patient and System Tracers
  • Nursing Unit of the Future/Healing Environment
  • Magnetic Moments: A Journey To Success
  • Preceptor Program
  • Introductory Writing Workshop for Magnet Preparation Application
  • Pain Management & Palliative Care in the Elderly
  • Selecting The Best Long Term Care Facility
  • Rural Nursing – Navajo Culture – Traditional/Alternative Medicine


MHS can provide short and long-term onsite assignments, organize and facilitate workshops and lead retreats for all levels of employees. We are also available for speaking engagements and all work can be customized to meet the clients’ needs.

MAGNET RECOGNITION PROGRAM® and ANCC MAGNET RECOGNITION® are trademarks of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). The products and services of Magnetic HealthCare Strategies, LLC, are neither sponsored nor endorsed by ANCC. All rights reserved.


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